Meet Our Students

We believe God has an amazing plan for these young adult leaders. They are committed followers of Jesus Christ who are dedicated to grow in their faith and to become equipped to spreads God Word throughout Asia. Their hunger for God and His word is humbling as you read their testimonies and realize the many obstacles they must face. One of the main obstacles is the finances they need to attend Bible School. Would you please pray for these students that the Lord would provide them with the sponsors they need to study God's Word. 

My name is Mr M. I have four brothers and only one sister. I belong to Revival Church at my village. I was born in June 8, 1996. I came to know the Lord as my personal Saviour in 2008. I wanted to attend the Bible School but I have financial problem. I could not tell my father but I prayed to God and shared with my Uncle and he agreed and informed my Father about that. So when my Father asked me I said yes and asked my teachers for sponsorship and they agreed so I could come to the Bible School. God willing after I finish my course I want to work with young people and become a youth leader. It is my prayer that God will use me as His instrument.

My name is Mr SH. my parents and friends call me San Pi. I have two sisters and one brother. I am the youngest son in my family. I was born in 1994. I accepted Jesus as my personal Saviour and Lord. I want to learn God’s word because I want to know Him and obey Him and share Him with other people. I want to share Him especially to non-Christians all of what I know from God’s Word. I belong to Revival Church at my village. My purpose is to become a good Evangelist for God. God knows my needs and provides me through those who love Him too.

My name is Miss L. I was born and brought up in a Christian family.  I have one eldest brother and four younger brothers. I am only one daughter in my family. I belong to Baptist Church. I accepted Jesus as my personal Saviour and Lord. God allows me to attend Bible School. I praise God for godly people who help me to attend the Bible School. My purpose is to evangelize among the children and help them to grow in the Lord.

I am Mr V. My parents and my sisters call me Ceu Ceu. I have six younger sisters. I am the eldest son in my family. I belong to a Church at my Village. I accepted Jesus as my Saviour. My parents have great task for us. We are poor and can’t study God’s word but God uses his people to help me study his Word. My plan is to work in a company and share God’s word to my friends who are working with me. Secondly I want to help my parents financially to support my sisters and also I want to know God’s Word more and obey and share to the non believers about my God.

My name is Mr. MT. My nickname is Mang Te. I was born in Nov 29, 1996. I have four brothers and I have no sisters. My father is a Pastor in my village. I came to know the Lord from my childhood. I came to Bible College because I want to study God’s word more and I want to follow my Father’s footstep to become a Pastor. I want to take care of God’s people and teach in the way they need to go and live. God is good and enables me and helps me using godly people so that I can attend and learn His Word.

My name is Mr H. My nickname is Thang Thang. We are five brethren. I belong to a church at my village. My parents can’t help my studies but God is great and uses His people to help my study here at ALTC. I praise God for his provision. My plan is to learn God’s word and obey and live for Him and share to people with my life and save them from their wicked ways.

My name is Mr VS. I have three younger brothers and I am the elderest son in my family. My father is the Pastor of our church in my village. I disobeyed my parents and made them sad in my way of living but they prayed for me fervently and in 2008 my parents told me to attend youth camp in KC village through Pastor L. and I accepted Jesus as my personal Saviour and Lord. I prayed to God for attending the Bible School because my parents can’t support me for my study. God is great; He helps me to attend Bible School. God uses his godly people to support me. My plan and purpose is to attend the Bible School and to work in the foreign company and to support my father’ ministry and support my brothers and to share God’s Words to my fellow friends.

My name is Mr AM. My nickname is Aung Mang. I was born in August 28, 1996. I am one of seven boys in my family. I belong to a church in my village. I am seventeen years old. My parent can’t support me and God uses godly people to help my study. I thank God for his provision. I attend Bible School because I want to share God’s Word to those who don’t know Christ in far away places.