HFL Children's Home

posted Apr 13, 2013, 12:56 PM by David Carlson   [ updated Apr 15, 2013, 9:08 AM ]

Vision and Mission

To uplift and bring hope, faith and love to the less fortunate children who will one day bring ‘glory’ to His name.

Concern for the Poor

The Lord’s concern for the poor and less fortunate people is explicit in the scriptures. God urges His chosen people to take care of them so as to show God’s love and concern. Indeed, our hearts have been inclined to implement this heart of God among the less fortunate people in our area.

The Nature of the Ministry

HFL is to be a boarding school for less fortunate people, who are extremely poor that their parents could not send them to school. But this is not to be just an orphanage, though orphans will be given the privilege to enter this boarding home. In the boarding home, the students will be sponsored to attend school and receive care for their needs of medication and clothes from time to time. In summer, they will be given a ‘Special English Program’. Likewise, the students will be nurtured spiritually every day so that they will not only be blessed with education but also with the most important need, their spiritual need.

The Need and Implementation of the Ministry

Most of the rural families in our area live with an income of less than two dollars a day, but they hardly have the jobs to get this income. It’s heartbreaking to see how many families cannot afford to send their children to school. In fact, the political crisis has not only affected the economic situation of these families but also created the crisis in education. These days in our country you will learn almost nothing at school if you don’t go to extra tuition. And also, you may not get good grades unless you attend extra tuition, conducted by teachers who are in charge of their classes. The teachers, in turn, have to conduct tuition classes as they can’t survive on their meager salary. In the midst of these circumstances, many parents in rural areas can’t afford to send their children to school, so many children are not educated and most of them have to drop out of the school eventually. All these have wide range of affects on the lives of many children and youth today which in the long run lead them to live and face the world without any hope of a good future.

  • Many churches see these circumstances do not see it as their responsibility.
  • Some churches run boarding schools but those eventually turn out to be a ‘business.’

The Expected Results of this Ministry

  • Students who are marginalized & less fortunate will have an opportunity to attend school, get quality education & be trained to develop their God given talents.
  • They will know, see and experience there is the true living God, who cares, loves, provides and saves them.
  • They will become godly educated men and women who will be different when they go to University and enter the workplace.
  • They will be men and women who live as good citizens of the country and follow their God given profession with integrity and fairness.
  • They will not only impact the community where they live but also the country for the glory of God.
  • They will be supporters of the boarding home later in return.

Implementation of the Ministry

This ministry is to be implemented within next year academic year 2011-2012. For this very first year, we will be accepting 10 students.