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Frequently Asked Questions

posted Apr 13, 2013, 1:29 PM by David Carlson   [ updated Apr 14, 2013, 5:57 PM ]
How much of the monthly sponsorship is spent on administration?
None at all. The administration in Canada is done by volunteers. All the money donated is spent on the children sponsored. The only cost is in dollar exchange.
What is the difference between an educational sponsorship and a basic sponsorship?
Basic sponsorship pays for food, clothing, healthcare, and family outings. An educational sponsorship pays for school fees, extra fees, school supplies, uniforms, outside class.
Family outings?
Yes! Pastor D. takes the children somewhere special once each month. He thinks this experience is important for them to enlarge their view and understanding of the world they live in. Also, all the children attend Grace Christian Church.
Outside class?
Yes! The schooling provided free by the government is augmented by an extra class fee where much of the real learning progress takes place.
What kind of school do the children attend?
Grace Children’s Home sends students to the local government school. There is no specific study like sport, music or some skills and so on. They study only the subjects offered by the government. The teachers are not paid very much, and so they provide an outside class for some of the children who can pay extra. We would like all Grace children to go to this “outside class.” A lady goes to Grace Children's Home to help the children study their school work. Pastor D. would like to have a second person to help as well. The youngest children attend Preschool , which has the same cost as the older children.
Is it best to sponsor two children for basic needs, or one child for basic and education?
Pastor D. puts a lot of stress on education. With a good education and qualifications, Grace children can not only have a better future for themselves, earning respect in an anti-Christian culture but also they will be able to be the wise and Christian leaders of their generation. So please include an educational sponsorship if at all possible, and enable another Grace child to learn and grow.
Is it better to send sponsorship monthly, or in a yearly amount?
There is a cost to transferring money overseas, so it is best to make one larger payment than several small ones. But what is most important is your commitment to continue the sponsorship, so if monthly works best for you, please use it.
What is the white on some of the children’s faces?
The white cream on the face of children is called “ TanaKha”. It is traditional cream and also most popular. We use “Sui Pyi Na Tanakha”, this Tanakha’s Company got the best award for cream in 1999 in Asia. This cream could protect from the heat of sun, especially in working time but most people also use it even indoors and before they sleep. 
What name is used in the family for the children?
There is no first name or second name like Western people. Some of the high class or those who were born abroad or those who like the name style of western people are putting father’s name in the end – but only a few people use that. As Christians, most of our names refer or focus to God. For example, Va Bi Lai means “The Lord is the greatest Lord”. For Buddhists, most of their names refer to exaltation of their family or compare their name with sun, moon, and stars. Most girls’ names are about flowers. Our children also are named in the same way. For example: Khin Saw Tun; Khin means we like or I like, Saw means ruling, and Tun is shine.
What do you suggest as a practical love gift to send to the children when there is opportunity?
Yes, it will be so great if you could kindly send us some needs for our children. We find difficult to buy such items as T shirts, pens etc, and children’s vitamins. (Small soft toys are also welcome.) Thank you so much for the love and a big heart that you have for us. Psalm 41:1-2, "Happy are those who are concerned for the poor, the Lord will help them when they are in trouble. The Lord will protect them and preserve their lives; he will make them happy in the land. Pro. 19:17. When you give to the poor, it is like lending to the Lord, and the Lord will pay you back."